UNESCO Charity in Heidelberg

Mrs. Ohoven (UNESCO ambassadress), ROWI and lovely prominent people combat hunger and poverty for orphans in Senegal. Furthermore we protect and support an albino girl, 2 years old, and permanent pursued because the people in her country believe that the body parts from albinos bring bad luck. Ramata will get now a home where she can grow up safely and without fear. ROWI is overjoyed to contribute at this project, being a part of this project. Some impressions of our Gala from yesterday...

UNESCO Charity in Heidelberg Picture 1

Numerous celebrities have attended in Heidelberg on Sunday evening the 17th Golf Charity Event under the motto: "swing for Kids", organized by the special ambassadress for UNESCO, Mrs. Ute Ohoven.

"Friends of the children – let us think this evening about those from Senegal and especially about Ramata", with these words opened the UNESCO ambassadress, Mrs. Ute Ohoven (69), the traditional Gala. This Golf Charity Event under the name "swing for Kids" has arrived already at the 17th edition. A special attention paid the assistance this year to the orphans from Dakar and to the albino girl, Ramata.

17. Golf Charity - Swing for Kids

A glittering gala in Heidelberg for the good cause. The 200 selected prominent guests came to the Charity Gala organized in the Crowne Plaza City Centre and proved an extreme generosity.

The 17th edition of the Golf Charity Event "swing for Kids" in Heidelberg was a great success. For the project " future of the Dakar's orphans" led by the special UNESCO ambassadress, Mrs. Ute Ohoven, came together the proud amount of 32.000 € in donations.

Numerous prominent guests, like Manager Reiner Calmund, the federal couch in the women football, Steffi Jones, the actress Monika Peitsch, Bachelorette Anja Polzer and the artists Ross Antony and Paul Reeves made the night gala event unforgettable.