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Fixoflex Fashion – as unique as you are.

Timeless and modern: elastic watchbands in diverse designs, manufactured in Germany.

Fixoflex® Fashion

A classic metal bracelet can easily pass for an individual eye-catcher: the Fixoflex® Fashion collection offers unique jewellery articles which are refined with precious materials such as ceramic, mother of pearl, stones or wood.

Fixoflex® fashion / ceramics

Our Fixoflex® fashion collection includes bracelets which are refined with high-quality ceramic. The high-tech ceramic has a synthetic surface and is more robust than conventional ceramics. The achievement of the decorative elements is assured with the raw material (in powder form) being placed in a cast and very highly heated. After this, trained technicians can edit the shape and polishing of the high density material.

This results in lightweight, highly durable ceramic elements which are easy to clean and which enrich our wristbands with form and colours.

Fixoflex® fashion / colour

How better to emphasise one's style than with colour? Our collection includes watchbands in a large number of designs and colours. Using a special lacquering technique which employs the Pantone Matching System, we are able to refine our bracelets with fancy designs and unlimited colour combinations. The use of Pantone colours guarantees international recognition of the colours and that they are available worldwide.

Fixoflex® fashion / mother of pearl

Mother of pearl is a precious and valuable resource which, in the history of mankind, has been used as a currency. And, of course, high value jewellery pieces and art objects have been manufactured from this noble material. With this, the iridescent shells in our Fixoflex® fashion collection should naturally not be missed. The decorative elements are thin sheets of high quality mother of pearl, which can be worn as an ornamental bracelet or decorate watchbands.

The high value durable jewellery pieces lend a touch of moonshine and shimmer with brilliant reflections which turn any bracelet into a real work of art.

Fixoflex® fashion / stones

Iridescent and coloured stones, as well as Swarovski elements, make our watchbands a unique kind of jewellery article. The structure of the diamond elements and the sparkle of the stones creates a total work of art which appeals to all senses. Naturally, the jewellery elements also win people over for their high quality processing: the stones are resistant to abrasion and to perfume, odours, electroplating, UV light and scratches.

Fixoflex® fashion / wood

Our Fixoflex® wood elements distinguish themselves for their refined wood optics combined with style and responsibility. The wristwatches can be manufactured from ten different types of wood and thereby reflect various colours and facets. The decorative elements are biodegradable, free of chemicals and very light.